High-tech solutions for the cannabis industry.

Our mission is to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions while improving our community.


With its headquarters in Fall River, MA -- HarvestHub, Inc. is positioned well to succeed. The company is located in the heart of a Massachusetts city that was one of the first to legalize adult-use cannabis sales. This gives the skilled and hardworking demographic of the area advantage in pioneering solutions that will benefit cannabis users and cannabis-industry businesses.

HarvestHub is a team of experienced engineers, designers and analysts that are eager to use their skills to solve the pain points in a new and exciting industry.

Data Analytic Specialists

Today companies collect a lot of data and are unsure how to use it. Our team can help turn that data into solutions to help predict or improve your company.

Customer-centric Design & Solutions

Research and proper understanding of the end user goes into the designs and solutions we create.

Experienced Team

Our team is made up of highly-skilled individuals that are certified from companies like Microsoft, Google & HubSpot.

Solutions we're bringing to market

Discover Cannabis

DiscoverCannabis empowers cannabis newcomers to understand what’s right for them based on their personal goals. Users answers just a few questions, and learn which strain types and strains are best for them.

React. Neo4j. Cypher. AWS. Apollo. 

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